Our Guarantee

Every part which is sold by us either separately or assembled with other parts carries the following express agreements, which take place of, and exclude all conditions, warranties and liabilities whatsoever, which exist either by a common law, statute or otherwise. Any statement, description, condition or representation either verbal or contained in any advertisement, catalogue, leaflet or publication shall not be constructed as enlarging, varying or overriding these.

Should any defect occur in material supplied by us or workmanship within one year after purchase from us we undertake, on the immediate return of the part which is alleged to be defective, to our address, carriage paid and accompanied by particulars as to the date of purchase, to examine the same, and should any fault be found by us on examination to be solely due to be defective material or workmanship, we will repair the defective part or supply a new part in place thereof free of charge. We do not undertake to bear the cost of any work involved in reinstating a repaired part or inserting a new part. This guarantee as to material or workmanship does not extend to defects caused by wear and tear, dirt, neglect, misuse or accident.

Our responsibility is limited to the terms of this guarantee and we will not be answerable for any contingent or consequential or resulting liability or loss, damage, or personal injury whether to the purchaser or any other third party arising through any defect or for any claim for labour, material or other expenditure incurred in remedying any defect. This guarantee shall apply to parts repaired or replaced under the above clauses and the time limit as to such parts shall run from the date when any part is repaired or replaced. We do not guarantee specialities of other firms or any component parts supplied to the order of the customer differing from our standard specification.

The acceptance of the goods by the purchaser shall be acknowledgement that they are sold and accepted subject to these conditions and the purchaser agrees to impose these conditions upon any person to whom these goods may be supplied.